Diamond Concrete Cutting Tools

Professional quality diamond blades and bits for superior results.

Diamond Concrete Cutting Tools

A job is only as good as the tools you use to complete it. This couldn’t be more true when talking about concrete coring and cutting. Diamond blades and bits provide superior quality cuts in concrete, stone, ceramics, and other tough materials. They grind rather than saw to provide a smoother, cleaner cut. Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp. sells diamond concrete blades and bits. We only offer products for sale that we use ourselves because we believe that to get professional results you have to use professional-grade equipment.

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Need Diamond Blades or Bits for Your Next Project?

Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp. carries various domestic blades and bits. Give us a call and tell us about your project. We can help you select the right spec of diamond to provide professional results for your application. With over 30 years of concrete coring and cutting with diamond cutting tools, you can count on us to know exactly which one works best for every application.

Large enough to get the job done. Small enough to care.


Advanced Coring and Cutting Corp. has extensive experience in all of the professional services we offer. We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively cut through concrete, cinder block, stone, and asphalt.


We have an arsenal of modern industrial concrete drilling and cutting equipment, including high-frequency electrical and remote-controlled machines, allowing us to deliver superior results, safely and efficiently.


At Advanced Coring and Cutting Corp., safety is a top priority. Our team receives up-to-date safety training and adheres to standards that go beyond those set forth by OSHA.