Road Sawing

Unmatched skill, experience, and equipment for all road sawing applications.

Road Sawing

There are multiple purposes for conducting road sawing, and the purpose dictates the type of saw necessary. We use lighter hand-held saws or walk-behind road saws with diamond-segmented blades capable of making smooth, clean cuts up to 21” deep. From roadway construction and repair to providing access to underground utilities, we have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

At Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp., our team has over thirty years of experience. We have taken on projects that others in the industry shy away from. While sacrificing safety is never an option, we excel at making a project that may seem impossible – possible. Whether your road sawing project is big or small, concrete or asphalt, we’ve got you covered.

road saw cutting
walk behind road saw

Common Road Sawing Applications

No matter how big or small the job is Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp. can handle it.

Does Your Project Require Road Sawing?

Whether you need expansion joints cut or major bridge deck repairs, the same precision and attention to detail are necessary for every road sawing project. This applies to all of the concrete services Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp. offers. Choosing the best cutting or coring option for any project requires considering several factors, including the thickness of the concrete, the size and location of the opening or depth of the cut, and the budget.

At Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp., we evaluate your project, recommend the best solution and provide you with an estimate for our services. Contact us today for all your coring and cutting needs.

road saw cutting

Large enough to get the job done. Small enough to care.


Advanced Coring and Cutting Corp. has extensive experience in all of the professional services we offer. We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively cut through concrete, cinder block, stone, and asphalt.


We have an arsenal of modern industrial concrete drilling and cutting equipment, including high-frequency electrical and remote-controlled machines, allowing us to deliver superior results, safely and efficiently.


At Advanced Coring and Cutting Corp., safety is a top priority. Our team receives up-to-date safety training and adheres to standards that go beyond those set forth by OSHA.