Concrete Wall Sawing​

Providing precision track-mounted concrete cutting on vertical and horizontal structures.

Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing requires highly skilled and experienced technicians armed with the right tools. When you work with Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp., that is exactly what you’ll get. We can handle all types of wall sawing projects, from creating openings for various types of commercial construction and renovation projects to making precision cuts for selective demolition. We have tackled some of the most unique jobs in the industry.

We use high-frequency electric, track-mounted wall saws that can make precise, clean cuts up to 36 inches deep. They can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces constructed of concrete, cinderblock, stone, and asphalt. They are ideal for making cuts with well-defined dimensions and indoor projects with limited space. If concrete wall sawing doesn’t sound like the right choice for your project, let’s talk. We will determine the best coring or cutting application to produce the desired result.

wall saw cutting
wall saw cutting

Common Wall Sawing Applications

No matter how big or small the job is Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp. can handle it.

Is Concrete Wall Sawing Right for Your Project?

Although concrete wall sawing is a versatile method that can be used in many applications, it is not the right choice for every project. There are a variety of concrete cutting methods available and the best option for a given project will depend on a number of factors including the thickness of the concrete, the size and location of the opening, and the budget.

At Advanced Coring & Cutting Corp., we evaluate your project, recommend the best solution and provide you with an estimate for our services. Contact us today for all your coring and cutting needs.

wire saw concrete cutting

Large enough to get the job done. Small enough to care.


Advanced Coring and Cutting Corp. has extensive experience in all of the professional services we offer. We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively cut through concrete, cinder block, stone, and asphalt.


We have an arsenal of modern industrial concrete drilling and cutting equipment, including high-frequency electrical and remote-controlled machines, allowing us to deliver superior results, safely and efficiently.


At Advanced Coring and Cutting Corp., safety is a top priority. Our team receives up-to-date safety training and adheres to standards that go beyond those set forth by OSHA.